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How it Works

Please use the below information to assist you when selecting and finalising your frame:

Selecting and Buying your Frame

Ø      Select your photo size from the drop down list


Professional photographer’s photos are usually 7” x 5” size. 

Standard photo sizes from a personal camera are usually 6” x 4” in size.


Note: we offer variations in photo size that are not listed on our drop down list. Please contact us if you require an alternative size.


Ø      Select your Frame Moulding


All mouldings are made from 100% real wood.  However, due to the quality and unique shape some mouldings have an additional cost.


Note: if you do not want to pay an additional cost for the frame mouldings, we have two options which are free.


Ø      Select your Mount Colour


These are all free and are at no extra charge to the overall cost.


For the dimensions of your chosen frame, please see the information (i) icon next to the chosen frame design on the framing & mounting page.  Please refer to our terms and conditions for discrepancies on the sizes.




Medal Mounting Feature

Enter the maximum width of the medal (in mm) and the maximum height (including the buckle if applicable) of the medal (in mm), as shown in the diagram below.  Please follow the same instructions if your medal is circular. 



Upon your measurements, we’ll use our craftsmanship to cut a suitable aperture.  This is a gap approximately 0.5" either side and at the bottom with a 0.75” gap at the top to ensure your medal fits into the medal mount feature perfectly, with room for you to display a ribbon if necessary.


Please see the ‘Affixing your Medal’ section for instructions on how to attach your medal to your frame.


Note: If you have a circular medal you may wish to choose a circular mount.  However, a square mount also looks great if a circular medal is used.



Personalised Plaque

Please input your preferred text into the appropriate text boxes.  The text is case sensitive.

All text will be centered and will be shown on the plaque preview when the update button is selected.  A maximum of 28 characters are available to ensure the plaque text remains clear.


The plaque will be affixed to the frame upon order, so you don’t have to worry about finding a suitable method to attach it to your frame.


Note: If no plaque is required, please select ‘None’.  In this instance, your medal aperture will be adjusted centrally to fit the design suitably for a high quality finish.



Stand Option

This added option allows the frame to be displayed in an upright position on a mantelpiece, desk or any other flat surface.


Not all the frame options have a stand option available due to the size and weight of some of the designs.


Note: The stand itself is removable and as the frame already includes a hang-on-the wall mechanism, the stand gives an added option for suitable places to display your achievements.




Assembling and Affixing your Frame

Our frames are easy to assemble and should take no longer than 5 minutes to fully attach all your items to the frame ready for display.



Flip the frame onto its front so you have full access to the reverse of the frame.  All frames come complete with hanging tie for means to hang on the wall.  Some may be screwed into the back of the frame moulding to make it more secure on the heavier/larger frame designs, but others simply have a clip on system to the SBS backing.

If you have a larger frame and the hanging tie is screwed on, use a Phillips screwdriver to remove only one side in order to gain access to the SBS backing.


Bend the tabs back to allow access to the SBS backing and remove the backing, foam core (if applicable) and mount card.


Note: Please leave the glass in the frame for safety reasons.  The glass has been cleaned so it may only need a clean cloth to remove any excess dust.


Follow the below steps below for the appropriate instructions:


Ø      Photos


Position the mount card face down on a flat surface and place the photo(s) in position.  Use masking tape to secure the position of the photo(s) in each corner.


Note: Masking tape is the best method as this can easily be removed and adjusted if the photo positions need to be changed.


Ø      Medal have provided you with a small piece of sticky back Velcro.  This will be used to ensure your medal is securely fixed to your frame, but with ease to remove or adjust the medal when necessary.


Once your photo(s) are prepared, align the backing card (which will be the same colour as your selected mount colour) behind the photo(s) and their relevant mount card.  You will see an aperture for which your medal is to be inserted. There is no need to insert the foam core at this stage.


Top Tip:  Once the mount card and backing card are aligned place back in the frame but face up so you can access and manoeuvre the medal aperture to affix your medal.


Place one side of the sticky back Velcro in a suitable place on the backing card inside the medal aperture.  Peel off the other side of the sticky back Velcro and place on the medal appropriately so the medal can sit centrally in the display.


Once positioned correctly, put the foam core in between the two mounting cards and tuck the ribbon of the medal behind the mounting card. If the medal needs adjusting slightly you can use the ribbon as a counter-lever to make small adjustments once the SBS backing has been replaced.


Note:  The Velcro feature allows you to easily adjust your medal or remove the medal if you want to flaunt you medal to friends and families with the ribbon intact.


Ø      Plaque


The plaque will be affixed to the frame upon order, so you don’t have to worry about finding a suitable method to attach it to your frame.



Finally, replace the mount cards, foam core and SBS backing appropriately and press the tabs back down to secure your frame.


The frame is now ready to be displayed.  If you have any questions regarding the set-up please either search our FAQs or Contact Us.